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Solar Energy Systems

Local Solar Energy Project
Every time Cedarburg Light & Water (CL&W) customers flip a switch, they’re supporting renewable energy. Nearly 14% of our power supply comes from solar and other renewable resources.

We’re also helping to support clean energy use and energy education at Cedarburg High School. In 2002, Cedarburg Light & Water (CL&W) donated almost $30,000 for a new rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) system installation at the school.

CL&W helped the school install additional solar PV panels on the front of the school’s field house in 2010. The utility contributed nearly $50,000 and secured more than $15,000 from Focus on Energy, the state’s energy efficiency and renewable energy program, to cover the entire cost. The school district purchased the solar panels from American Clean Energy and contracted with Pewaukee-based Total Mechanical Inc. for the installation.

The panels generate approximately 10,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, which helps offset a small portion of the school’s energy use. More importantly, the system provides valuable learning opportunities.

For example, students in Environmental Science classes learn more about the system in their energy and conservation unit. Physical Science students explore data collection, including the effects of seasonal changes on electricity production. Chemistry classes examine the process by which the sun’s rays are converted into usable electricity, and Technology Education classes discuss renewable energy as an alternative fuel source for vehicles.