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What is the Commitment to Community Programs charge?

Commitment to Community Programs promote energy conservation and help qualifying households afford the energy they need. Collection of this type of fee is required of all Wisconsin electric utilities by the State.

This program was formerly referred to as the "Public Benefits Program."

The State has given us permission to administer our own local programs with the revenues collected -- such as our annual Energy Fair, conservation education in our schools, conservation incentives for local business, appliance turn-in programs, and so on. In addition to our local programs, we have expanded our participation in Focus on Energy's statewide program beginning January 2008. This expansion offers our customers "the best of both worlds" -- local programs and access to statewide programs.

For more information on programs that can improve the energy efficiency of your home or business click on the links below:

For more information on energy assistance, please contact Ozaukee County Social Services a 262-238-8200 to determine eligibility for the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP). This will also determine your eligibility for assistance through our Commitment to Community program.