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Diggers Hotline

Don't Dig Yourself Into Trouble - Call First

If cabin fever has you thinking about planting trees and shrubs or digging fence post holes in your yard once spring arrives, please take a very important safety precaution now so you're ready for your upcoming landscaping projects.

In Wisconsin, it's required by law for excavators - including homeowners and construction contractors - to call Diggers Hotline to notify owners and operators of buried facilities about the intent to dig. Making this phone call will help ensure your safety and prevent disruption of electrical or other utility services.

The statewide, non-profit organization will then relay your request to owners of the underground facilities in your area. It is the responsibility of the underground facility owners to mark any buried lines they may have. Email Diggers Hotline at Diggers Hotline or dial their new quick number 811 or (800) 242-8511 for more information.