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Power Outage - When to Report an Outage

Have You Ever Wondered...WHEN and IF You Should Report a Power Outage?

Here are some tips:

Call 911:

  • When there is a serious threat of personal injury.
  • When there is a serious threat of fire damage to your property.
  • When you are aware of a safety emergency involving electric power lines or electrical equipment.
Please remember 911 is for emergencies and most power outages do not create an emergency situation.

Call Cedarburg Light & Water Utility at (262) 375-7650 during business hours, or (262) 375-7656 after business hours:
  • When you have seen or heard damage occur to the utility's electrical equipment.
  • When you seem to be the only one without power and you have checked the main breaker (or fuse) inside your home. Note, if your main breaker has tripped, try flipping it to the off position. Wait a few seconds, then flip it to the on position. If you are still without power, repeat this process one more time. If your power is still off, report your outage to the utility.
  • After 15 to 30 minutes have passed and you aren't sure if any of your neighbors have already reported the outage. Waiting 15 to 30 minutes in a wide-spread outage helps to pace the calls coming into the utility (or to the Cedarburg Police Department after-hours) allowing personnel to attend to all calls and properly communicate the location of the outages to the electric crew as they troubleshoot the problem.
If you have a critical, medical need for electricity, please call us today so we can add your name to our "Critical Needs List." We will ask for information about your critical need for electricity and require verification from your physician of your life-threatening circumstances. We will discuss with you the importance of having sufficient backup power in your home for your equipment. We will also communicate with you in advance of any planned outage, as we do with all of our customers. Please be aware that having your name on our "Critical Needs List" does not guarantee uninterrupted power. We work hard to provide reliable service, but some interruptions cannot be avoided such as weather-related damage, curious animals wreaking havoc on electrical equipment, car accidents involving electric poles, etc. Please be sure to have adequate backup power for your life-sustaining equipment. Thank you!