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Billing Dates and Meter Reading Information

Meter Readers

The friendly, knowledgeable meter readers at Cedarburg Light & Water read all residential and business meters once a month. Meters are read on weekdays and we do our best to keep the number of days between meter readings as close to 30 as possible. There are times, however, where your bill will reflect a billing cycle of more than 30 days.

Billing dates

Because Cedarburg Light & Water has four billings cycles, we issue bills at four different times of the month. This is due to the different routes that our meter readers have on a monthly basis. This means you may receive your utility bill at a date that is different from a neighbor or family member.

If you currently rent, your utility bill will go directly to your rental address. If the property you rent has a shared water meter, the water and sewer bill will be mailed to your landlord.