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Budget Billing

Cedarburg Light & Water's budget billing program allows residential customers to even out their energy costs over the course of a year through a fixed payment each month. With this payment plan, customers do not experience high bill surprises in the months they use the most electricity, making home budgeting easier to manage. This service is available to all residential customers of Cedarburg Light & Water.

We ask that new budget customers have 12 months of utility history at their current residence and that their account balance be current. A new budget customerís monthly payment amount is based on the average monthly bill expected through the April billing. In May, all budget accounts are reviewed, and budget amounts are revised to be based on the average expected bill for the next 12 months plus (or minus) 1/12th of any balance that was on the account after the April bill was paid. Any anticipated changes in rates are also taken into consideration.

All budget customers are required to enroll in our automatic payment program (ACH). With the automatic payment program, the budget amount is withdrawn electronically from the customerís checking account on the due date of each monthís bill. There is no fee for this service.

To sign up for budget billing, email your request to General Mail. For more information on ACH and to print an ACH application, click on Payment Information and scroll down to the "Pay Automatically" paragraph. Please call the utility office for more information on budget billing at 262-375-7650.