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Involvement Around the City

Cedarburg Light & Water is proud to be part of the many educational opportunities and local events throughout the community.  Shown below are a few pictures and examples!

Fleet Watch and CPR/AED Training

  • Most utility vehicles have direct radio contact with the Cedarburg Police Department and are part of “Fleet Watch,” helping to look out for local citizens. Some utility vehicles are equipped with AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillator), and utility staff are trained in the use of the equipment should the immediate need arise. Utility staff are also trained in CPR and First Aid.


Hanging American Flags and Christmas Decorations

  • Our electric crew coordinates with the City of Cedarburg to put up American flags and take them down throughout the year.  At Christmastime, the crew also hangs decorations throughout the community, and assists with stringing the lights on the Christmas tree at City Hall.


Charity Involvement

  • Throughout the years, CL&W coordinates donations from employees and customers for various charities which have included Kids 4 Kids Toy Drives, Family Sharing Food Drives, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and the Repairers of the Breech.