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As the spring weather warms up, outdoor work and activities increase. Whether you are flying a kite, using power tools, climbing ladders, or planting trees -- it's important to focus on electrical safety. Check out for safety tips. May is electrical safety month, and we want everyone to be safe!

Meter Reader:  We have an employment opening for a part-time Meter Reader.  Click the topic for more information.

Advanced Metering FAQ's:  For frequently asked questions and answers about advanced meters, please click on the topic. 

Community Recycling Event:  Mark your calendar for the upcoming electronics and appliances recycling events, right here at the utility. The next event is June 3.  Click the topic for additional information and dates. 

Auto Pay:  Looking to simplify your CL&W utility payment?  Sign up for our Auto Pay plan.  It's dependable, convenient, and easy.  Plus it's free.   

Diggers Hotline:  Yard work never seems to end!  Whether you are planting trees, building a fence, or grinding old tree stumps, please remember to call Diggers Hotline before you dig! 

Beware of Scams Targeting Utility Customers:  Cedarburg Light & Water Utility warns customers to be wary of callers who claim to be from the utility requesting immediate payment for a delinquent utility bill.