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In celebration of Public Power Week, we're hosting a Cedarburg Light & Water themed trivia contest for our customers.  Click here for contest details and click here for the question form. Spread the word to your Cedarburg friends and neighbors to join in on the contest.  Good luck!! 

You might see us on Evergreen and Lincoln Blvd. this year replacing some of the older street light fixtures with new, energy efficient LED fixtures. These new fixtures use about 60% less electricity and should last three times as long as the old fixtures. The plan is to replace about 150 of these fixtures a year for the next 5 years. Track our progress throughout Cedarburg by noticing the whiter light these new fixtures give off.

Bucket Truck for Sale: CL&W is selling a quality used 1999 55' bucket truck by auction. Click the title for an image of the truck, and click here to be directed to the auction site.  Available until 12/14/16.

Energy Assistance:  If you or someone you know have trouble with winter heating costs, our local Energy Assistance Program may be able to help. 

Diggers Hotline:  Yard work never seems to end!  Whether you are planting trees, building a fence, or grinding old tree stumps, please remember to call Diggers Hotline before you dig! 

Beware of Scams Targeting Utility Customers:  Cedarburg Light & Water Utility warns customers to be wary of callers who claim to be from the utility requesting immediate payment for a delinquent utility bill.  Click the topic for more information.